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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the consultations directed to “He Contacts with us ”, and the doubts exposed in different binnacles in the period beta of ColorIURIS's we have been able elaborate a list of frequent questions.

Consult them and, if still you still have doubts, you can go across our form of contact.

Can I change of coloriuris all the times want?

Yes. Though in case of change, we advise that you should cancel the previous one; because, otherwise, you will have more than one in force contract.

What happens(passes) if I put a ColorIURIS, and then do I change by another? How does it affect that change to the previous contents?

The abandonment of rights ColorIURIS will link to the parts (transferor and cessionary) in conformity with the date of acceptance and respect of the contents that existed in this moment.

If a third (cessionary) accepts a ColorIURIS, for example, GREEN, and then one produces a change to the RED ColorIURIS (more restrictive), that cessionary will be able to use the contents that existed in the web - site in accordance with the GREEN ColorIURIS to the date of acceptance; but the one who accedes to the web page after the change will be submitted for all the contents to the RED ColorIURIS.

If someone accepts my contract of abandonment of rights today, it does it want to say that I allow him to use the contents that I put in the future?

Not, none of the legislations on author's copyright ColorIURIS's support allows the transfer of of rights on future works.

Not. The system of Author's copyright ColorIURIS guarantees that if someone uses the contents of a web site of form opposite to the one that his holder has arranged will have a juridical tool that will be able to fence before the courts against the offender.

By the alone fact of include in my web site the icon ColorIURIS already am I giving permissions to my users to use my contents?

Not. In conformity with the continental system of author's copyright in order that an abandonment of rights has juridical effects there must exist assent of both parts (and, for some legislations, the assent must lend in writing).

The one who wants to use the contents of a web site of less restrictive form to what it establishes the regulation on author's copyright must accept the contract of abandonment of rights.

There is compatible an abandonment of rights ColorIURIS and one licenses Creative Commons in the same web site? Does one prevail over other one? Do they act in areas and / or different jurisdictions?

ColorIURIS and Creative Commons are not incompatible.

Before any Court of Justice there will prevail always a contract accepted by two parts opposite to a unilateral statement of will.

Nevertheless, if acceptance does not exist, Neither Creative Commons nor ColorIURIS allow more uses that those that there allows the legislation that is of application.

Have I to contract a ColorIURIS for every web - site though it is titular of several?

Yes. Every contract of abandonment of rights and every license of use of the mark ColorIURIS are recounted to an alone web/weblog, of equal form that every contract of rent of housing is recounted a concrete housing though the owner has several.

The inclusion of a ColorIURIS icon in a web-site different from wich was contracted does not have legal effects respect to that web-site, aside from constituiting a violation of the contract of contracted use of mark.

What is the third one of confidence? In order that it serves the third one of confidence?

The third one of confidence is an entity - public or private - impartial with regard to the transferor and the cessionary.

It has his precedent in the figure of the depository (in some countries of Latin America he is named, in the cybernetic environement, notarial digital area).

His function in ColorIURIS is it of guarding “copy” of the contracts of abandonment of rights celebrated between transferors and cessionaries and expressing, come the case, the opportune certificate with indication of the date and hour of celebration of the contract.

How does ColorIURIS guarantee the identity of the contractors?

ColorIURIS is not a notary; in consequence his function is not it of authenticating the identity of the contractors, but it of web to put at the disposal of the holders of sites a juridical - computer system in order that transferors and cessionaries could celebrate valid contracts in Law.

The system ColorIURIS, and while there is not universalizada the utilization of electronic advanced signature, it is based on the institute - of consolidated juriprudential root - of the good fé.

Nevertheless which the system relies on computer tools, about which it informs the users of the system in the moment of the contracting, to make possible the identification of the contractors to requirement of the judicial authority, and in fulfillment of the in force regulation in Spain (to which the site is submitted web ColorIURIS).

The legislation on author's copyright - in the continental system - is of application to his natives still when they have his residence fixed in another country providing that they preserve his original nationality.

The international recognition of the author's copyright does not depend on ColorIURIS, not of ningun another system of author's abandonment of rights and / or license; but of the International Agreements signed by every country.

Nevertheless which, ColorIURIS, on having treated itself about bilateral contracts, is a law between the parts and can make cost before any Court of Justice.

How does ColorIURIS promote the Free Culture?

Putting at the disposal of the holders of author's copyright the juridical - computer tool to yield his patrimonial rights of less restrictive form to what it establishes his national legislation (only ones that “ ex-lege ” are authorized for it).

Are the contracts ColorIURIS going to be free always?

Yes. The contracts ColorIURIS will be free always and will be able to be copied, distribute you and communicated publicly for not commercial uses of agreement with the politics of author's copyright that figures at the foot of this web site (RED ColorIURIS).