Politics of Privacy

  • ColorIURIS, A.I.E. is submitted to the most strict laws on a global scale for the protection of the privacy of the consumers and users; and it expires scrupulously - at logical, physical and organizational level - the Spanish L.O.P.D. and the Regulations of application.
  • In fulfillment of the article 5 of the Law 15/1.999, we inform that the right of information is regulated in the collection of the information,it that the information of personal character facilitated by the users ColorIURIS and the acceptors of the agreements of license (contracts) will integrate in an automated so called file COLORBAS-0, entitlement of ColorIURIS, A.I.E. with code of inscription of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information 2060531018, submitted to the safety measurements that the Spanish legislation determines on the subject of protection of information of personal character with the exclusive purpose of service of the service of update of versions and communications with ColorIURIS, A.I.E.. The personal information voluntarily facilitated by the petitioners of the agreements of license and the users acceptors, neither will be treated by advertizing ends of the A.I.E. not of third, there nor will be an object of transfer unwithstood to third. You permit explicitly in transferits information of personal character by means of the mailing of e-mail to the effects of communications and emission - in its case - of the obligatory bill for the employed service.
  • The only information that the web servant of ColorIURIS recognizes automatically is the direction IP, the date and the hour of entry and exit of its visitors of the web site; consequently, these are the only information that will remain filed.
  • We inform our users that this web site uses cookies in order to guarantee the legal effects of the agreements of license (contracts of transfer of rights) put at the disposal of the authors of original works. In any case the use of cookies will serve to obtain personal information, not even another confidential information of the users of the web site ColorIURIS.