ColorIURIS is a complex tool, legal-computing, that allows the copyright's self-management and the digital and non-digital creations, through a web platform and the register and deposit of digital contents.


The copyright self-management it means that the holder of the rights (usually the author), is the one that decides if he/she hands over his/her rights of exploitation (to give permissions for the use of the work) or not; if he/she wants to charge or not for that assignment of rights (for the permissions he/she allows), in both cases the assignment of the rights takes place through contracts “online” which are deposited in the trusted-third.party chose by the holder of the rights, and to those which are applied a time-stamping of the “Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre”.

Under these assumptions/premises CI offers some services.


  • ColorIURIS for web site and weblogs (in it 11 varieties per country)
  • ColorIURIS for wikis (in it 11 varieties per country)
  • ColorIURIS for text notes (post's) on having chosen “ColorIURIS Original”.


  • By means of advanced services is possible the copyright self-management of any digital and non-digital creation.
  • The rate for aplying ColorIURIS to a work is 1 point.
  • The rate for changing the “colour” to a work is 1 point.


Is a solution that combine free diffusion of the culture with creator's control from the people who accepts the assingment contract NON EXCLUSIVELY, under any of the agreement of license ColorIURIS, with the payment possibility on download of the contents.

Unlike other proposals that exist in the international market, ColorIURIS Remunerated allows not only the use of the work (reading,audition,watching…), but, furthermore, it grants to the assignees (final users) contractuals permissions burdensome (under price), in different grades, for the distribution, reproduction and public communication of it his/her creations, allowing a self-management of his/her copyright(*), understanding with the "Recomendación de la Comisión", de 18 of May, 2005 (2005/737/CE)

(*) except of the collection of the canon remunerative by private copy in the States which provide this figure, that should be negotiated for the moment, by imperative legal, through collective copyright companies.


  • The user ColorIURIS (the holder of the rights) access to his/her control panel in safe server, once authenticated by his/her user name and password.
  • In the first access it be asked the user that facilitate the banking data where wants to perceive the payments carried out by trusted third parties and be to offered him a contract for the use of the platform of payments ColorIURIS.Know more
  • Once endorsed the contract for both parts (C.I user and ColorIURIS A.I.E), the holder of the rights can make use of the tool since one form that will be offered.
  • The form consists of three parts:
  1. Uploading: It proposed two boxes, one optional, in order to accommodate in the server of ColorIURIS a fragment of the work (a chapter of a book, a few minutes of a musical composition) and another obligatory in order to accommodate the complete work.
  2. Choice of the assignments (permissions) that you wish to apply to its work and the price of each type of assignment.
  3. And finally, the usual fields of definition of the politic copyrights, temporary scope and territorial of the rights assignment and the choice of a trusted third party depository of the agreement of license suscribed.
  • Completed the process is offered a draft text that precede the work unloading for its verification and acceptance or modification.
  • Once agreed the system return the user a url (internet address),since the one you will be able to accede to its work, and if you had decided in the process of contracting, the work came to be part of the repository of free works, of the web site http://www.coloriuris.net.
  • With cadence bimonthly will be deposited in the current account provided by the holder of the rights the amount of the income received.


ColorIURIS remunerated it is a tool that agglutinates four services:

  • Production of “agreement of license” (contracts), of right's asignment (1 point in order to create contract and 1 point in order to change conditions).
  • Register of contents,which involves the payment of 4,00 Euros (20 points), for a file.
  • Deposit and acommodation content, according to the size of the file, and it ranges between 0,10 E and 1,ooE/Mb, from this table.
  • Collection of management from the platform of payment (for TPV virtual -payment gateway- and Mobipay), ownership of ColorIURIS A.I.E, which represents 10% of the price setting by the author, with a minimum of 50 cents of Euro.

By way of example, the cost for a titular of the rights who opts for a solution ColorIURIS remunerated, for a creation ,with a size of 50 Mb, will be 47 points (9,40 Euros), and the precentage agreed for each download.



The registration of digital creations is an alternative for/to the taraditional registrations, and it is an optional service link to ColorIURIS Self-management and ColorIURIS Remunerated.

  • Uploading a digital content, through a functional upload, it applies a time stamping issued bby the “Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre” (Certification Authority recognised by the Ministry of Indrustry Spain) which ensures the integrity of the file, the date and the hour of the registration and the name of the registrant.
  • The one who registers the copyrights policy under traditional copyright (choosing ColorIuris traditional) or to grant wider permissions, (across range of contracts that offers ColorIURIS).
  • The computer file that contains the digital work and the time-stamping is deposited on a trusted third party, chose by the author among those which make up the system ColorIURIS, for a period of 5 years renewable.


There exist free registration services and advanced services managed by points.

  • The registration of text notes is gratuitous (post's) under “ColorIURIS Traditional”.
  • The rest of digital creations, is subjected to a fixed fee (20 points) and a variable (depending on the size of the file) according to the box below:
size of the file Points
up to 200 Kb1 point
up to 600 Kb3 points
up to 1 Mb5 points
up to 10 Mb10 points
up to 50 Mb25 points
up to 100 Mb50 points
more than 100Mb(ilimitated) Request information


ColorIURIS A.I.E. is not a colective organization of copyright, but a platform that puts at the disposal of the holders of the copyrights a tool, legal-computing, that they themselves manage their rights of reproduction,distribution and public communication.

The ColorIURIS usuary(the holder of the rights) is the only one responsible for the truthfulness of the information poured into the forms of contracting services, and, especially the hold title to the copyright in the contents.


We have prepared some bonds prepaid valid for 2007 and 2008 to avoid having to bother acquiring points every time you wish to use the advanced features.

  • RED bonds: 25 points-5,00 €
  • YELLOW bonds: 100 points- 20,00 €
  • GREEN bonds: 500 points- 80,00 €


The points of ColorIURIS do not expire.


The first 20 points are a gift of welcome :) click this link

The next points,you will obtain them through tenders of sponsors or will acquire our bonds through the payment gateway instaled by the BBVA.


All the digital creations will be integrated – by request of their holders from the panel of user- in a public directory of free works accessible from this link.


service Points €uros
Register in ColorIURIS Self-management0 points0 €uros
Register in ColorIURIS Remunerated 0 points0 €uros
Every new contract 1 points 0,20 €uros
Change an existing contract 1 point 0,20 €uros
Change every new contract of web site0 points 0 €uros
Change an existing contract of web site0 point 0 €uros
Every new contract for “post” 1 point 0,20 €uros
Change an existing contract for “post”1 point 0,20 €uros
Register (fixed) with TimeStamping20 points4 €uros
Register (variable)depending on the size of the filedepending on the size of the file
Register with TimeStamping for “post” with C.I. Original0 points0 €uros
Register with TimeStamping for “post” rest of the options1 point0,20 €uros