How can I use ColorIURIS in Blogia?

Contracts for blogs

  • Click on the icon ColorIURIS that you find at the foot of your blog and you will access to our website. You will find a page reporting you that has not defined any copyright policy for your blog.
  • Then, click on Select your ColorIURIS and you will access to the register proccess, where you can easily define your blog and choose the contract ColorIURIS want to apply.
  • We ask in a completely optional way, a minimum number of personal data with a view to provide a better service and new functionalities in the future.
  • After completing the registration process and validated by Blogia your identity, your contract will be activated automatically and the icon will change to the color chosen. There is no need for any further action on your part.
  • If this is your first content registered, we will send you an email with instructions to enter into your user panel. From here you can manage both the blog that you just register, just like any other content that you later.

Contracts for blogs entrances

  • Create the entrance into Blogia routinely and publish.
  • Copy the permanent link to the entry and access to user panel.
  • Once here, it creates a new content type of blog entrance. You can choose the most appropriate contract and you must enter the permanent link to the entry of the blog.
  • By completing the registration, get two options: icon with summary or simple icon. Blogia only supports the use of a simple icon, so we copy the html code for this option and returns to the panel Blogia administration.
  • Select: Articles recent Choose “edit” the post you just created.
  • On the row of icons that appear on box text in the upper right corner really reading: “Show html code”. Select it.
  • Now Paste copied the code above, and will look like this:
<a href="">
<img src="" 
    alt="Contrato ColorIURIS"/>
  • Save the note click on “publish” and, since the user panel of ColorIURIS ,validate that you have insterted the icon correctly clicking on “Validate”.