Cancellation of an agreement of license ColorIURIS

The cancellation of an agreement of license ColorIURIS for a certain content involves:

  • The adhesion contract that you had made available to its users ceases to be accessible online.
  • That clicking on the icon ColorIURIS that you inserted in a Web site is accessed a page ERROR predefined by the system, so we recommend that if you have decided to ca

ncel a contract also eliminates the html code.

  • That no one else can view the text and, therefore, accept the conditions setting by yourself for that content.


  • The Agreement of License, as defined by yourself, will be fully valid and legally effective between you and those who accepted the contract while it was in effect.
  • The cancellation of the Agreement of License does not mean the cancellation of contracts improved.
  • The Trusted Third Party (receiver), retain a copy of the contract and acceptances at the same for a renewable term of five years and issue certification of its improvement at the request of either of the contracting parties.