Privacy police

The only data that the COLORIURIS web server recognises automatically are the IP address, the date and the time that visitors entered and exited the website; therefore, these are the only data that will be filed.

We would like to inform our users that this website uses cookies in order to guarantee the legal effects of the copyright assignment contracts that the authors of original works are offered.

The use of cookies shall at no time be used to gather personal data or any other confidential information related to the users of the COLORIURIS website.

Any and all data of a personal nature supplied in the application for ColorRIURIS contracts shall be stored in an automated file subject to the security measures enforced by the Spanish legislation regarding personal data protection L.O.P.D. with the sole purpose of being able to provide updated versions and communications with ColorIURIS, A.I.E.

All personal data that has been voluntarily supplied by contract applicants shall be used neither by the firm nor by third parties for advertising, nor shall they be the object of assignment to third parties.

You expressly consent to pass on your personal data by sending an electronic mail requesting the services of the firm solely for intercommunicating and for issuing – where appropriate –the mandatory fees for the services that have been contracted.

Nevertheless, and in compliance with the E.U. recommendations, the contracting shall be verified – depending on the person applying for the copyright assignment contract – anonymously, the only requirement being that a valid electronic mail address be supplied which may or may not identify its owner.

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