Step by step

1. Election of the agreement of license

Across the link you will decide the following fields:

  • Country of origin (the place is irrelevant where there is lodged the servant or the company domicile of the CMS where you has your web site/ blog lodged. This information allows us to discriminate in our base of information of contracts against the written ones in conformity with your national legislation.
  • Duration of the transfer (you can define the temporary area of the transfer of rights; the value for fault is 5 years).
  • Territorial area (you decides to that countries it extends the transfer of the rights on your contents; the value for fault is the country of origin).

Later one will present a brief form where you will define the rights that it wants to yield and in that supposed for commercial uses, for not commercial uses … etc.).

The agreement of license ColorIURIS do not include all the possibilities that there allows the legislation of every country; since standard treats itself about contracts thought for those authors that, as minimum, they want to allow the copy, communication to third and distribution for not commercial uses of your contents.

If you wishes an agreement of license completely to measurement, do not hesitate to put in touch with us.

2.-Chosen the agreement of license

With the facilitated information one will show you the agreement of license that answers - in conformity with the legislation of your country of origin - the articles selected for you.

Into this moment vd. can choose to move back and change the chosen options or to continue forward with the process of record.

3.-Process of Record

In this paragraph you can facilitate your information to us in order:

  1. Communications and information of new versions.
  2. Identification for renovations or change of the before chosen agreement of license.

The only obligatory information is a valid email address - following the recommendations of the U.E. as for electronic contracting.

In an optional way you can refill the fields of name, surnames and domicile.

All the personal facilitated information will be incorporated into a file of personal information given of discharge before the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information. you read our privacy policy, your information will not be yielded to third.

4.-Acceptance of the conditions of use

The utilization of the emblems that define the author's copyright policy of your web site and of the agreements of license associated with the emblems they need the acceptance for your part of our conditions of use.

Read held up the conditions of use. The acceptance of the same ones, marking the conditions that appear at the foot of the text, is a requirement to benefit from the system ColorIURIS.

We recommend to print and / or to guard on your hard disk the accepted conditions.

5.-Ending of the process

Once accepted the conditions of use it finishes the process and puts to your disposition the code html corresponding for the agreement of license chosen.

Copy the code and insert it in your web site. From the moment in which the emblem (by means of the insertion of the code html) appears in your web site, all the contents of the site web/blog will be submitted to the author's copyright policy decided for you.

If it had some problem to insert the code html in your web site, do not hesitate to put in touch with us.

6.-Transfer of the rights

The third ones who visit your web site can know your author's copyright policy pulsating on the icon that you will have inserted in a visible place of the home page.

On having pulsated on the icon the agreement of license will be opened and your visitor will have the possibility of accepting the agreement of license, accepting the conditions that will appear at the foot of the same one.

The visitor who wants to use your contents in the terms that you has decided will be able to print and / or to guard, in turn, on your hard disk the contract - agreement of license - that he has accepted.

If the third one - the visitor of your web site - does not accept the agreement of license that appears him he will not be authorized for you to use the contents of the web site; but he will be able to use the contents - of way more limited to the one that you allows - as determines the in force legislation (he will be able to mention, probably, the contents respecting the authorship; but he will not be able to distribute, for example, copies of your contents).

7.-Deposit of agreement of license

If you chose this option in the moment of the contracting the depository will preserve for five (renewable) years the acceptances of the agreement of license , with indication of the hour, IP and type of transfer about which he treats himself).

This information it there will be able to request of the depository so many you as the user acceptor (the visitor of your web site that he has made a use of your contents before an eventual controversy between you know more