ColorIURIS is a global platform which has different services managing the needs of each creator, is present in 25 countries and with legal terms all over the world.

User's discharge


  • Its treats of an utility by means of the one the holder of the rights (phonogram's author or productor), can register his/her creations inmediately in the vast amounts of digital formats, recognized in the servers of ColorIURIS through the functionality “upload” in a safe environment.(SSL 256).
  • Once the uploading file is completed, it apply a time-stamping emited by the “FABRICA NACIONAL DE MONEDA Y TIMBRE” that guarantees in legal terms in the presence of Court of Justice its integrity, and the date and hour of the register.
  • By way of double guarantee, the file, together with time-stamping, remains place in a trusted third party chose by the holder of the rights during the fixed period of time legally(now a minimum deadline of 5 years).


Some groups, mainly those who are both authors of the lyrics and music of his songs, and interpreters of them have found in the free dissemination of his work through the Internet unequalled experience of being rewarded with that divulgacion the increase in the number of concerts; approaching to the wishes of a public increasingly demanding, but at the time, eager to reward the creative work.

On the other hand, the world wide web allows the communication -synchronous and asynchronous- between creators and their audience what enriches still more the experience based on sharing.

For them ColorIURIS has developed 11 standard agreement of license, according to the code of the semaphores identified for each type of creation (11 templates for music compositions, 11 templates for albumes and templates for 11 scores) and each country from its national law.

These agreement of license standar allow the creator to define the patrimonial permissions granted by his work, with all its reserves of moral rights, in a range that runs from copyrights (ColorIURIS Traditional) to the total permissiveness for commercial and non-commercial uses (ColorIURIS Green) defining -equally and according to the legal terms-the temporary and territorial area of the permissions.

The main characteristic of ColorIURIS, which set it apart from other similar options and at the time, the system provides the necessary legal security (for the creator to the end user) is it character contract, so that the holder of the rights offers to its users a legal text that can accept “online” obtaining in that way the assignment of the rights (permissions).

Once held the contract, that is, once the user has accepted the agreement of license that is offered there is a time stamping and that acceptance is deposited in a trusted third party(in a term of five years). Both sides (creator and user, assignor and cessionary) receive an e-mail notifying them the existence of the contract. Any process checks, like the Register, a safe environment (SSL256).

A trait highly valued by the creators is the ability to visualize, since the user's panel, any acceptances to its agreement of license as well as the time-stamping.


The great innovation -at the international level - which presents ColorIURIS is the possibility to assign the exploitation rights under price (earning for the permissions), so the right of public communication,reproduction or distribution or -even- the transformation right (derived works).

The procedure is similar to the previous one, except that gives the holder the possibility to self-manage their copyrights, deciding the price they want to apply to the assignments of exploitation rights.

This feature is particularly useful for those groups that inside the freedom which conferes our Regulation of copyrights, prefer to distribute their music outside the conventional industry and manage their rights,- or some of them- quite apart from the collective entities of copyright management.


ColorIURIS unlike other platforms -usually of implantation in U.S.A-, as can be MYSPACE does not acquire the rights of exploitation of the creators (musical groups, songwriters), but they retain all their rights intact and ColorIURIS is nothing but a tool at your disposal; for it the legal-computing tool is designed so that access to the songs is verified from the website that decides every creator.

However, in view of the very useful both for end users (public) may have, has created a directory of public works where they can stay (a choice of right holders) the digital creations along with the agreement of license established by the politics of copyright.


Everything has been explained so far is refered to the web environment, however, and entered the twenty-first century, we can not imagine that the Internet is a kind of -fifth dimension- separated from the living disconnected (real world), but both worlds converge; the same way that converge the different technologies that allow us access to the information and culture.

That is precisely why ColorIURIS is tending a bridge between the online world and the offline world by shifting the agreement of license residing in the network to the tangible media (CD sleeve) by insertion of QR code that can be viewed/read with mobile phones equipped with cameras and the necessary software (on Internet there are many applications for different phone models).

After completing a register and)or define the copyright of a work (that is to say, after choose an agreement of license for a song or album), the system generates a QR code only for each creation which can be downloaded and incorporated to the CD (tangible support).

Puedes comenzar a usar ColorIURIS para tus creaciones musicales - dentro y fuera de la red - pulsando en el botón de