ColorIURIS, A.I.E. is holder of the mixed mark COLORIURIS, of the class 42, with number M 2667577-3 and grants you (on the licensee) a license of use of the not exclusive mark by a period of a natural year and field world in accordance with the following conditions:

1ª. The licensed mark appointed exclusively the politica of royalties of them you contained ownership of the licensee in the ambito digital.

2ª. The licensed mark was indissolubly associate to the contract of cesion of royalties defined by ColorIURIS to instances of the licensee for the website #url#; if the licensee decides to utilize the mark for another website he will come obliged to request the corresponding license for the new website; thus same, if decides to define a politica of different royalties should cease in the use of the mark.

3ª. The licensee ceased in the use of the mark, to request of the licenciante, if they concur some of the following supposed:

  • 1.- extincion of the period of concesion of the license of use, unless mediate renovacion, subject to request al licenciador with fifteen you gave of legal notice to date of finalizacion of the period of license.
  • 2.- use of the contrary and different mark to the established in this license.
  • 3.- by losing the licenciante the ownership of the rights on the mark.

4ª. The licensee credits for the license of use 0 euro.