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 +===== I want to know more ===== 
 +We offer you a compilation of  [[http://​www.coloriuris.net/​en:​legislacion|existing legislation]] in the countries supported by ColorIURIS and those [[http://​www.coloriuris.net/​en:​faqs|questions]] have been answered and may be of interest. You can also access the [[http://​www.coloriuris.net/​en:​terceros|trusted third party]] and the [[http://​www.coloriuris.net/​en:​despachos|Adhered Law Firms]] to the system. 
 +You can also see this [[https://​www.coloriuris.net/​panel-www/​aceptacion.jsp?​hash=db8af6ba5c27f71f7d3014e19ab61b0e|presentation]] and system [[https://​www.coloriuris.net/​panel-www/​aceptacion.jsp?​hash=9dded7af9894e75e9f9bb9b5555654c2|explanation]] in PDF format.