The contracts of right's assignments

Just as happens when a group or a composer sign with a Record Company, a distributor or a management's entity in the life disconnected (real world) to grant permissions for some uses in the Internet copyright legislation requires the contractual way for such permissions have legal effects. In ColorIURIS contracting is verified online from adhesion's contracts predetermined by the authors, which can be accepted by the final users of the works.

Who uses my works?

Every time, a final user accepts an agreement of license (contracts) ColorIURIS, the author (the assigner of the rights) receives an e-mail informing him, who has accepted the terms of permissions granted. The final user receives another e-mail confirming the reality of the contract and the trusted third party receives -at the same time- another e-mail that will be deposited as a proof of agreement of wills signed. By way of “double guarantee” the “Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre” applies a time-stamping ensuring the certainty of the contract with full proof before the Courts of Justice.

Do I need to save all e-mail that ColorIURIS send to me?

Absloutely not. The emails are meant to inform the author of immediate acceptance of their contracts by the final users. This information is stored on the user's panel coloriuris of each author; information which can be accessed at any time the most relevant data to the contracting such as the date and time and email of the person who has accepted.