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 +ColorIURIS A.I.E (R.M Zaragoza – t- 3330, L-0, F- 107, H- Z40193), with C.IF. G-99091696; holds to the law 12/1991 of April 29, with non-profit-making use for itself agreed to the established in the  article 2 of the mentioned norm, and domiciled in Zaragoza, c/Alfonso I, nº 23 -entlo.ctro- e-mail: webmaster@coloriuris.net- puts at the disposal of the holders of the rights and its legal representatives (forward user C.I.P) the platform of self-management of contents named ColorIURIS Remunerated. ​
 +. Resgister and deposit of the content in a safe server (SSL 256).
 +. Definition of the copyrights politic through Agreement of License ColorIURIS standard customizable.
 +. Time-stamping provided by the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre that can be applied to the register of contents and acceptances of the agreement of license (contracts).
 +. Deposit of the Agreements of License (contracts),​ by part of the trusted third party on the user's choice (among which are attached to ColorIURIS) for a period of 5 years renewable.
 +. Collection management of the exploitation of the registered works.
 +. License of use/using the trademark ColorIURIS.
 +====== COST OF THE SERVICES ======
 +ColorIURIS self-management for web sites, ColorIURIS Sef-management Traditional for text notes (post´s) and the trademark license of use are free services.
 +The rest of the services require the points acquisition (by means of purchase through the payment gateway or gift-bonds of sponsorships) on the amount of which will be reported at the time prior to the signing).
 +.The user undertakes to use the platform solely and exclusively for its unique creations ownership and / or those with the appropriate authorization from their legitimate owners (including image rights, industrial property rights and / or other rights of third parties ).
 +. The user will abstain from any handling the computer code that supports this platform, as well as to introduce malicious code – spiware, computer virus -
 +. The user is the only responsible for the information entered into our forms including e-mail address, as well as the legitimacy of creations hosted on the server of ColorIURIS, A.I.E.
 +. The user is the only responsible of the use of codes for access to his/her control panel.
 +. ColorIURIS A.I.E, is liable under Spanish legislation on contractual and extracontractual liability for the proper drafting of agreement of license(contracts) based on the data provided by the holder of the rights or his representative,​ as well as the adaptation of agreements of license through placed at the disposal of users of new versions within a reasonable time from the occurrence of policy changes at the national / international that might affect them.
 +. ColorIURIS A.I.E. is responsible for the proper provision of services. ​
 +. ColorIURIS declines any liability for false data entered by the user and / or handling or misuse of computer code and / or the contents which ColorIURIS puts at the disposal of titualres of rights. ColorIURIS is not responsible in any way for breaches of adaptation of internal legislation by the states signatory to the Convention BERNE or other international treaties on copyright.
 +. Related to the accommodation of this website, is the responsability of third parties over which they have no control; but which intend to reduce the minimum the problems we raise. Consider,​that some data or information on our pages may have been created or structured files or formats that are not exempt from mistakes, and we can not guarantee that our service will not be interrupted or affected in any way by such problems. ColorIURIS, A.I.E. accepts no responsibility with regard to these problems which may arise from using this page or any linked external objects forwarding. This exemption from liability clause is not intended to limit our liability in ways contrary to the provisions of the regulations Spanish and / or applicable international or exclude liability in cases that, under these regulations,​ can not be excluded.
 +. ColorIURIS A.I.E. is nor responsible for the external services that provide support to the platform, specially, the payment gateway(TPV virtual) ownership of the bank Bilbao Vizacaya Argentaria or service time stamping provided by the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.
 +==== ColorIURIS A.I.E, OWNERSHIP ====
 +. This site, including its content (except for legislation and jurisprudence which are of public domain), is a collective work, created by the initiative and the coordination of Pedro Jaime Canut Zazurca who owns all moral rights. All exploitation rights are assigned to ColorIURIS.
 +. Authorizing the backup made by the user, the copy remains in the cache on the user's hard drive, the reproduction,​ distribution and publishing papers for private and non-profit-making use, as well as the reproduction,​ and public communication for commercial uses, always and when it is carried out in scientific context respecting the right of appointment,​ and upon acceptance of the agreement of license which offers the visitor at the foot of the pages of this website.
 +. ColorIURIS (M-2667577) is a trademark recorded in the office Spanish Patent and Trademark (O.E.P.M).
 +. ColorIURIS A.I.E, acknowledges explicitly moral and economic rights to their legitimate owners.
 +. ColorIURIS, A.I.E, in any way-directly or indirectly permanent or interim attribute the authors of the works deposited by users, or give to third parties- for free or profit-, in whole or in part the contents logded for third parties.