AGREEMENT OF LICENSE (Ireland sampled)

The author of the blog author (hereinafter the assigner) states that he/she is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights for the posts of this blog and/or that the rights of the legitimate owner of the rights have been assigned to him/her and that he assigns to you (hereinafter the assignee), NON-EXCLUSIVELY AND FREELY for a period of ambito temporal and in ambito espacial:

  • The reproduction rights for the posts of this blog; you are therefore free to copy and/or place the posts of this blog, either totally or partially, on any support you choose for private or commercial, profit-making or non-profit-making, use.
  • The distribution rights for the posts of this blog; you are therefore free to pass on copies of this blog on any support, for any profit-making or non-profit-making use.
  • The public communication rights for the posts of this blog to any group of persons; you are therefore free to make the posts of this blog available to the general public for any profit-making or non-profit-making use.
  • The transformation rights for the posts of this blog, for any profit-making or non-profit-making, private or commercial, use as long as the processing technique is tested with respect to the principles of accessibility and interoperability, using open standards to conform with the current rules, which allow reuse.


You may

  1. Copy, distribute and make public the posts of this blog. Partially or totally, permanently or provisionally, by wired or wireless means, on any support, respecting the moral rights of the author.
  2. Quote the posts of this blog for analysis, comment or critical review and/or as a subject of current affairs.
  3. Create derived works.

You may not

  1. Claim to be the author of the posts of this blog or change, against the wishes of the author, the way in which the latter has claimed to be the author.
  2. Do anything that may suppose an infringement on the integrity of the work.
  3. Prevent the original work from being changed by the author.

You agree to assign the reproduction, distribution , public communication and transformation rights to a third party/parties; and, above all the rights for interactive availability for any and all works derived by you based on the original work object of this assignment, under the same terms and conditions under which you were assigned these rights by the owner of the copyright of the original work.

The author reserves all the moral rights for the contents of this blog, as well as the economic rights that he/she might be entitled to as compensation and/or remuneration for private copy.

If you don't acceptance this contract is put under copyright act. This AGREEMENT OF LICENSE, placed in tercero de confianza or the url associated, should accompany to every copy of the work.

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Assignment of rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication:

Assignment of transformation (derivative works):

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