The points

Do I need points?

Points are required to use advanced features; to create C.I. for your post's,'s podcast, photographs… to change the color of your ColorIURIS… to visualize on your user's panel, the acceptances to your contracts… How do I get points?

The first 35 points are a gift of welcome :) click this link

The following points, you can get them through competitions, sponsor's gifts or acquiring our bonds by means of the payment gateway installed by the BBVA.

How much cost the points?

We have prepared some pre-paid bonds valid for 2007-2008 to avoid having to bother acquiring points every time you wish to use the advanced features.

RED bond: 25 points – 5,00 €

YELLOW bond: 100 points – 20,00 €

GREEN bond: 500 points – 80,00 €

When my bonds expire?

The points of ColorIURIS do not expire.


service Points €uros
Register in ColorIURIS Self-management0 points0 €uros
Register in ColorIURIS Remunerated 0 points0 €uros
Every new contract 1 points 0,20 €uros
Change an existing contract 1 point 0,20 €uros
Change every new contract of web site0 points 0 €uros
Change an existing contract of web site0 point 0 €uros
Every new contract for “post” 1 point 0,20 €uros
Every new contract for “post” ColorIURIS original0 points0 €uros
Change an existing contract for “post”1 point 0,20 €uros
Register (fixed) with TimeStamping20 points4 €uros
Register (variable)depending on the size of the filedepending on the size of the file
Register with TimeStamping for “post” with C.I. Original0 points0 €uros
Register with TimeStamping for “post” rest of the options1 point0,20 €uros

Advenced features

The new functions of ColorIURIS V3 allow:

  • Defining the copyright policy for each content (annotation, phonogram, photography…) independently of the policy defined for the website.
  • Registering all types of digital contents with security of time-stamping .
  • Automate ColorIURIS for notes (Post's). More .
  • Create agreement of license for online content in tangible support, not disclose on the Internet (books, records…). .
  • Hosting a content in our directory of free works and associate an agreement of license online. .
  • View acceptances to the agreements of license online defined by each holder.

Keeping course, the above features of registration and deposit of agreements of license (contracts) through the trusted third party attached to the system and registration and deposit of digital content in ColorIURIS, A.I.E.