Automatic ColorIURIS

Through this service you can assign agreements of license (contracts) for each of the annotations of your weblog (post's) without entering computer code.

By default the system associates a copyright information text ColorIURIS Traditional for notes (post's) gratuitously.

Advanced features

From the user panel, you can customize the way it defines the copyright policy of your notes (post's), not only assigning different “colors” but specifying whether under the permanent link (permalink) of your note(post) there is an note text, a picture, a podcast, a video…

It also allows pre-define a patern so that every time that an annotation is created (post) the system associate a specific type of agreement of license (contract).

As the traditional ColorIURIS for weblogs / websites the agreements of license associated with a content is deposited on a trusted third party chosen by yourself (the holder of the rights, the assignor), which saved for a minimum period of 5 years, the discharge of the agreement of license (contract) and subsequent acceptances at the same, and, as in ColorIURIS for weblogs / websites the system uses a time-stamping.

Register of contents

At the request of the holder of the rights(the assignor, you) ColorIURIS register the title and content of the mail, applying to file a time stamping. The registration number assigned will be forwarded by e-mail to you and TTP [if your account is the type,, or similar… not forget revise your “spam folder”]

Activation of the service

To enjoy the advantage of the advanced features and register (post's) ColorIURIS has established management through a points system.

See information on how to get the points.

What happens if my points finish?

ColorIURIS will inform you when you have a few points in you account, you can get more points and continue to take advantage of the advanced features and registration contents. Otherwise, the system associated text information copyright ColorIURIS Traditional for notes (post's) gratuitously.