Acreditación fehaciente de procesos

More information about “Acta de Navegación”

The Acta de Navegación  is a web service developed by ColorIURIS under patent from the University of Zaragoza, which allows recording (screenshot) of the processes displayed on the computer screen, either by  local processes, or surfing the Internet.

By applying time stamps (TimeStamping) issued by a Certification Authority and Temporal Validation recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade the date and time of start and end of the screenshot process and the integrity of the resulting recording is proved.

Once the process of screen capture (recording) has been completed, the generated Acta de Navegación containing the screen shots and the time stamps is available to the user, to be downloaded. It generates a hash summary of each video which ColorIURIS will safeguard for five years.

The Acta de Navegación is proof of the date and time of start and finish, duration and content of the screenshot made (recording).

The Acta de Navegación is available in desktop application version. It can also be integrated into any website /virtual  store.

In this section some specific uses of the Acta de Navegación are described.

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