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Acta de Navegación premium service for desktops

The Acta de Navegación premium desktop application adds to the functionality of the Acta de Navegación capture traffic data, as auditable proof of web browsing.

The Act (electronic evidence) with a recognized electronic signature which is issued to the user contains the hash summaries, screen capture, traffic data obtained and  timedating from the start to end of web browsing (screenshot and traffic data).

The Acta de Navegación premium is available for Windows 7 and higher (with the exception of Windows 7 Starter edition or Windows Server).

Step by step operating guide (in spanish):

Technical requirements:

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits) or superior (whith the exception of Windows 7 Starter Edition or Server Versions)
  • Only one interface with internet access
  • Java 1.7
  • Win10Pcap (Required to enable capture of traffic data. May require administrator rights) This programme can be installed automatically with the extras installer on your user panel.


  • Screen resolutions higher than 1280×800 or the like should not be used so as to avoid saturation of the user’s computer during capture.
  • The Acta de Navegación Premium may not work properly on emulators, so the use of native Windows is recommended.

Free programmes recommended for viewing the Acta de Navegación premium for desktops.*

  • Acrobat Reader (Required for reading the generated Acta de Navegación)
  • Wireshark (Required for viewing traffic data capture)
  • A MP4 capable media player like VLC (Required for viewing the screenshot)

* ColorIURIS, S.L.. mantains no relationship with the owners of the websites or the companiese that provide the software and accepts no responsibility for them.


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