Acreditación fehaciente de procesos

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I consider using the Acta de Navegación?

    Because it is an easy and affordable service that certifies beyond any doubt what is displayed on the screen at any given time.

  • In what cases is it useful to use this service?

    The Acta de Navegación has endless uses. Such as the legal effect of recording the content on a website, weblog, photo blog, video blog, social network, forum, online newspaper … etc. on a certain day and time. See some of them in this section.

  • How can I download the application?

    The Desktop application can be downloaded from the corresponding section.

  • What software or tool must I install in my computer to use the application?

    • The following components are required for all the applications.

      And we recommend:

      • A desktop resolution not higher than 1280×800 or 1280×960
      • Acrobat Reader (Required to read the generated Acta de Navegación)
      • A MP4 capable media player like VLC (Required for viewing the screenshot)
    • Certified Acta de Navegación requires:
      • Windows XP (or higher), MAC OS X (or higher) or Linux
    • Premium Acta de Navegación requires:
      • Windows XP (or higher)
      • WinPcap (Required to allow the capture of traffic data)
      • Jpcap (Required to allow the capture of traffic data)
      • Administrator rights for both the installation and the execuction

      and we recommend:

      • Wireshark (Required to allow the capture of traffic data)
  • I no longer wish to use this service, how I can deactivate it?

    If you downloaded the desktop application remove it from your computer in the usual way defined by the manufacturer of your OS. If you chose the web version it does not require any action on your part as no software has been installed in your computer.

  • Where and in what format are the screenshots of the Acta de Navegación saved?

    The screenshots are saved as an annex to the Act (electronic evidence), and are generated in MP4 format.

  • Where can we see the data which demonstrate the start, end and duration of the process?

    The generated Acta de Navegación is delivered in PDF format, and can be viewed with any document reader in “portable document format”.

  • Need it always be safeguarded by a qualified trust services provider?

    The qualified tust services provider is the figure designed by the legislature (Article 41 eIDAS Regulation) to be custodian of the events and processes (contracts …) carried out online. Safeguarding the hash summary by a qualified trust services provider is the cornerstone of the Acta de Navegación.

  • Can anyone who uses this service record a conversation that he/she has with me without my consent?

    This can be done, just as it is technically possible to record phone conversations. However, in certain cases and jurisdictions it will be considered tainted evidence by the Courts and in some cases it could be considered a crime.

  • Can anyone else use the application from my computer?

    The Use of the service requires access by username and password known only to the user.

  • Can the recording be altered?

    With the necessary knowledge, it would be technically possible to alter the recording a posteriori, but in that case, the resulting video would not match the hash summary of the original recording. Only if it is the original video it may be compared with its hash summary and have the intended evidence

  • Is it possible to adulterate the hash summary?

    No. The hash summary is signed and dated by a recognized Certification Authority, and is duly safeguarded from the moment of its creation.

  • What is a hash summary?

    “A hash function is a function to summarize or probabilistically identify a large set of information, resulting in generally lower finite image set (a subset of natural numbers for example)” (fuente: Wikipedia en español o Wikipedia in english)

  • Can I enter the application on my website? How?

    Yes, from the corresponding section of this website, if you follow this link we will provide the necessary application with the necessary online support for its implementation.

  • How do I qualify to make use of the Acta de Navegación?

    Have the legal capacity to hire and pay the fee for the service requested.

  • Does the file generated by the Acta de Navegación always serve as evidence before the Courts of Justice?

    Yes, because it includes advanced electronic signature and temporary dating (TimeStamping) issued by recognized Certification Authorities such as the legislation requires regarding electronic signatures and the rules of procedure in Spain.

  • Is the free Acta de Navegación “INFO” service permanent or promotional?

    The Acta de Navegación “INFO” is a promotional service for potential users to know the possibilities of the service free of charge.

  • What happens if I have multiple screens?

    The Acta de Navegación only captures from the screen that is set as the main one.

  • What happens if I have multiple network devices?

    Acta de navegación Premium/Plus only captures from one network device, so it’s recommended to enable just one network device prior to use the application to ensure that all the traffic is captured.

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