Acreditación fehaciente de procesos

Comparison of the “Acta de Navegación” services

Certified AdeN Premium AdeN Plus AdeN
1st Image capture X X X
Complete web browsing capture X X X
Complete web browsing capture with audio X
1st Image TimeStamping X X X
Timestamping capture (hash) X X X
TimeStamping custody (hash) X X X
1st Image custody X X X
Screenshot custody X X X
Screenshot validation X X X
Electronic document Certified Act Certified Act Certified Act
Signed electronic document X X X
Traffic capture (start) X X
Traffic capture (complete) X X
Traffic start TimeStamping X X
Traffic TimeStamping X X
Traffic data custody X X
Traffic TimeStamping Custody X X
Evidence level (accreditation) High (based on trust) Complete (auditable) Complete (auditable)
PRICE * 15€ 15€ 180€

* Tax  not included


  • Capture: Obtaining an image wich is being viewed on the computer screen.

  • Custody: Diligently safeguards both captures and timestamps.

  • TimeStamping: An online mechanism wich proves, by means of a Certification Service Provider, that a series of data has existed without any alteration from a specific moment in time.
  • Hash: Function or method to generate codes or keys that represent a document, record, etc.

  • Electronic documents: A document whose material support is a type of electronic device in wich it’s content is encoded by means of a digital code.

  • Traffic: Amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website.

  • Accreditation: Attesting in an authentic document that the process is in fact what is represents or seems.

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