Acreditación fehaciente de procesos

How does the Acta de Navegación application works?

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Once the system has identified the user  (by login and password) by pressing the “RECORD” button the screen capture begins generating a video of the activity as the user is viewing it.

At the time of onset of capture a time stamp is applied to the first image, thus proving the time the recording starts.

Once the browsing/the screen capture process is completed the user clicks on the button “STOP” and a time stamp to the capture is applied, generating a summary hash.

When the process is completed the user has the option to download the Acta de Navegación in digital format, which contains the time stamps issued, the summary hash (which validates the integrity of the video generated), the capture and signature of the Qualified Trust Services Provider which will safeguard the electronic evidence (the Act) for five years.

The registered user can view a copy online in his/her user panel.

REMEMBER: Either type of Acta de Navegación (Certified and Premium) requires the downloading of the corresponding desktop application, which will be found on the “Download Desktop Application ” in his/her user panel.

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