Acreditación fehaciente de procesos

Acta de Navegación Attended

actaNavegación attended is a new service on which Coloriuris generate navigation Acts at user petition.

The Act (electronic evidence) with a recognized electronic signature which is issued to the user contains the hash summaries, screen capture, traffic data obtained and timedating from the start to end of web browsing (screenshot and traffic data).

Unlike the rest of services on actaNavegación attended it is Coloriuris, accredited Trust Services Provider by the Ministry of Industry of Spain, who makes the recording at user petition.

Free programmes recommended for viewing the Acta de Navegación.*

  • Acrobat Reader (Required for reading the generated Acta de Navegación)
  • Wireshark (Required for viewing traffic data capture)
  • A MP4 capable media player like VLC (Required for viewing the screenshot)

* ColorIURIS, S.L.. mantains no relationship with the owners of the websites or the companiese that provide the software and accepts no responsibility for them.


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