Acreditación fehaciente de procesos

Practical Examples of Application Use

In general it permits the authentic accreditation of screen shot process in a computer terminal, whether from the desktop, or the web browser with guaranteed integrity of the resulting video. But in this page we show you a list of practical examples of use for the Acta de Navegación application.

1.- Recording of a shopping online process.

Occasionally incidents occur in the shopping online process which are difficult to transmit to the owner of the virtual shop who is not able to see what the customer has seen.With the Acta de Navegación he/she will see exactly what the customer saw on the day and time the incident occurred.

2.- Recording of a process online to Public Administration; fulfilment of obligations with online Administrations, consultations carried out online…….etc.

Occasionally due to the lack of or insufficient experience of the user we conclude an online process to the public administration without any evidence of this, or of the proper fulfilment of our obligations as citizens. The Acta de Navegación gives us proof of the process conducted before any requirements, and achieves excellence as regards to transparency for the public body.

3.- Recording of the existing contents on a website, weblog, photo log, video blog, social network, forum, digital newspaper…..etc. on a certain day or time.

On occasions we find some information on Internet that may harm us and/or violate our rights and when we decide to complain and/or go to arbitration systems or to Court we lack proof of the offense which may have been removed from the site where we saw it, losing the option to claim and obtain compensation or the punishment of offenders

4.- Recording the process of writing and sending emails.

Many commercial transactions are already verified by email; however, and by the very nature of this, you cannot prove when an item of information, a payment … etc. was sent. This obliges us – to have the appropriate proof – to use the traditional media such as burofax. With the Acta de Navegación we will have a form of evidence of the date, time, content, sender and recipient / s of the verified notifications by e-mail. admitted under Spanish law

5.- Recording of a chat conversation.*

With the Acta de Navegación there is evidence of a mutual agreement between two (or more) parties, even if it is through the IRC channel.

6.- Recording the error messages and / or operation of a software / application.

As in the online purchasing process we sometimes have no way to explain application failures to our suppliers or, when a technician checks our computers it is impossible to reproduce the incident, and much less date it.

7.- Online recording minutes of meetings of shareholders of corporation.

Technology has also reached the shareholders’ meetings, which may not only be held now on line, but may also be recorded with the Acta de Navegación, and thus establish a quorum and the votes taken in decision making with absolute certainty.

8.- Authentic Accreditation of electronic auctions referred to in Article 148 of the consolidated public sector contracts.

The Law on Public Sector Contracts (R.D.Leg. 3/2011 of 14 November) foresees in its articles holding online auctions “down” (reverse auctions) in the contracting processes.  In order to preserve the legal guarantees required by our legal system the process requires the use of electronic signature solutions, encryption of communication and reliable accreditation from whom, when, how, what and how.

9.- Celebration of legal acts at a distance before a Notary (in conjunction with e-signatures and video-chats / video conferences)

One of the main obstacles that Notaries face in the on line world is proof of the identity of the people and events. The Acta de Navegación together with other tools like video conferences, video chats, e-signatures provides the Notary with the necessary instrument of accreditation.

10.- Documentary record of legal evidence given in Court at a distance (legal …)

With the Acta de Navegación we can provide the Administration of Justice with the much-needed agility and speed, becoming an indispensable tool in the service of the Law Clerks. Court hearings need not be adjourned due to travelling problems. It will no longer be necessary to square agendas with the experts. With the Acta de Navegación, and in combination with other tools such as video-conferences a statement with all the legal guarantees can be made.

* remember that the recording of private conversations cannot be authorized in certain jurisdictions and / or in certain cases. The user must use the tool responsibly.

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