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Certified Acta de Navegación for desktop

Service for users and consumers

Acta de Navegación Certified - CharacteristicsThe Certified Acta de Navegación for desktop provides legal evidence of your web browsing by capturing your screen display.

Optionally, if it is selected and the requirements are met, it can include the network traffic capture, making it an auditable evidence of the website navigation.

You can register and download a simple desktop application that lets you use the service. Inside your user panel you can purchase the items you need.

The Act (electronic evidence) with a qualified electronic signature (PADES B LT) which is issued to the user contains the hash summaries, the screen capture and  timestampings from the start to end of web browsing (screenshot and traffic data).

Register and download the application for Windows, Linux, MacOSX.

Technical requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 8 (or higher), Mac OSX (or higher) or Linux O.S. (XOrg based Linux desktop)
  • Intel i3 2,40Ghz processor or higher
  • 2GB RAM or higher
  • Administrator permits for the network capture
  • Version 10.15 or higher for the network capture on MacOS
  • PCAP library installed for network capture on MacOS or Linux.


  • You should not use screen resolutions higher than 1280 × 800 or the like to avoid saturation of the user’s computer during capture. It is possible to use upper resolutions but the final results of the capture may be affected by the hardware capabilities.
  • The network capture may not work properly on emulators or virtual machines, so the use of native systems is recommended.
  • It is recommended to have only one active interface with internet access

Recommended free software for viewing Desktop Acta de Navegación.*

  • Acrobat Reader (Required to read the generated Acta de Navegación)
  • A MP4/WEBM capable media player like VLC (Required for viewing the screenshot)
  • Wireshark (Required for viewing traffic data capture)

* ColorIURIS, S.L.. maintains no commercial relationship with the owners of the websites or the companies that provide software and accepts no responsibility for them.


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