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actaNavegación for Android ™

Acta de Navegacion Android CharacteristicsActa de Navegación  for Android ™  is the version of Acta de Navegación for smartphones with S.O. Android 5.1 and above, that allows you to capture in video format your Internet browsing and social networks (whatsapp, facebook, snapchat, telegram …) obtaining a digital certainty (certification with timeStamping) that you can use as evidence before the Courts with presumption of Certainty regarding the date and time of capture and the integrity of the content.

Acta de Navegación for Android also allows you to certify snapshots and videos (also the audio) that you capture with the cameras of your smartphone.

Unfortunately we can not avoid bullying, cyberbullying or harassment or abuse… but we can provide a tool to combat it, and that stalkers do not go unpunished.

Other use cases

  • Violation of intellectual property rights
  • Violation of industrial property rights
  • Proof of contracts signed through social networks
  • On boarding processes
  • And for everything you need to certify instantly

You can obtain the app on Google Play and Huawei appGallery.

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