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Acta de Navegación Web

Acta de Navegación Web CharacteristicsActa de Navegación Web is a new service in the Acta de Navegación range, it allows the capture and certification of a webpage with intervention of a Trust Service Provider.

Acta de Navegación Web is an easy to use service that only requires the URL of the webpage you want to certificate. Coloriuris will do the capture and certification of the webpage and it’s contents directly from our own servers, including the network traffic, without any intervention of the user, in this way the capture is done in a controlled environment independent of the user.

To require a capture you only need to access to your Acta de Navegación user panel and provide the URL of the page in the corresponding section. You can also install an available extension on your browser.

The extension provides certain advantages over the capture through the user panel. The main advantage is that you can request the certification of a webpage with only a single click on the taskbar of your browser without leaving the webpage we are visiting at that moment. There are other important advantages besides the simplicity of capturing with only a click; a certified with a timestamp screenshot of the webpage as it is viewed by the user is added to the certification made from the Coloriuris’ servers and it’s also possible (if the user allows it) to capture private pages that require user and password to access.

The browser extension is avalable at this moment for the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browsers and it can be installed from their respective stores.

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