Acreditación fehaciente de procesos
If you are being robbed...
...if you are being bullied...
...get your evidence right now.


actaNavegación is a web service where you may take screen shots of your Internet surfing, obtaining legal proof with a guarantee of integrity and authentic accreditation from start to finish.

At the end of the process you will obtain, together with the generated video, an accredited ACTA DE NAVEGACIÓN which would be valued before a Court of Law. This is even more efficient in the digital scope than an Affidavit.

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actaNavegación for Android™

actaNavegación mobile allows you to certify what you are seeing on your smartphone screen: your web navigation, the messages on your social networks (whatsapp, telegram, snapchat...) before they are deleted. With actaNavegación mobile you can also certify your camera captures (audio and video).

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