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Acta mobile is a service for smartphones that captures an image and the GPS position with TimeStamping through an easy and intuitive APP for the user, based on a robust technology and juridical architecture with intermediation of trusted third party that guarantees the integrity of the capture in certain date and hour with full effects of evidence in Court.

Acta mobile is available for Android 4.2 or superior smartphones and soon also for iOS®.

Acta mobile is a service conceived for reliable accreditation, record, management and custody of digital evidences obtained by Smartphones in a secure environment (SSL 256) with guarantee of integrity and secure access and timestamping. It’s scalable and 100 % adjusted to the most demanding regulation of protection for personal information. Acta mobile has infinity of use cases; from  obtaining an electronic evidence that could use as proof before the Courts (traffic accidents, hurts in home…) Up to the accreditation of the photography taken by an authority agent or a journalist, with guarantee of integrity (without manipulation) of the capture in certain moment. ColorIURIS, as Trusted Third Party, guaranteer of the whole process, will guard a copy and hash sum of the capture up to five years.

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